Michele Phelan



Member Since

May 1999

2007 Angel Award honoree
Michele Phelan is the founding principal of 96pt. LLC – a collaborative of architectural graphic design and strategic professionals who provide wayfinding, placemaking, and brand roll out services for residential, higher ed, corporate, and health care clients. Prior to 96pt., she worked as Co-Director of Graphic Design at Sasaki Associates, and over the years has held management and leadership positions at a few Boston based architecture and design studios.

Michele is a former board member of SEGD and served as Boston Chapter Chair for the organization from 1998-2016. She taught a semester long workshop class in EGD at Massachusetts College of Art and Design and has lectured at Boston’s annual ABX conference.

In her spare time, she enjoys raising her son, relishing her husband’s baking, and teaching cycling and yoga classes to keep herself fit in body and mind.
Michele holds a BFA in Interior Design from University of Massachusetts, Amherst, along with studies in graphic design and typography from Massachusetts College of Art and Design.