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December 2010

Melissa Arnott is a Project Manager/Designer at SKA DESIGN in South Pasedena, California.
Melissa Arnott has worked for SKA Design for the past 11 years. Before joining SKA Design she worked for Scott Sternberg Productions for 4 years and for the Warner Music Group for 14 years.
SKA DESIGN are proud to have achieved 50 years of service as a professional graphic design firm. In the Fall of 1965, Michael Sanchez incorporated the company that would become Sanchez/Kamps Associates Design doing business as SKA Design. SKA Design was founded in 1965, primarily as an interior design firm. In 1980, SKA DESIGN began responding to a new need, becoming a leader in the emerging discipline of environmental graphic design. The SKA DESIGN founders are actively engaged in several professional associations helping to promote the discipline of EGD, and foster collaborative relationships with other fields of design.
Today, SKA DESIGN remains at the forefront of the profession and provides services to many of the region’s top architects, engineers, developers, private corporations and public agencies. SKA DESIGN has experience in a vast array of project types, and are conversant in California’s Department of the State Architect (DSA) and Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) requirements.
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