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Melisa Delibegovic



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October 2015

Melisa Delibegovic is an Account and Social Media Manger at CG VIZ and a Recent Graduate of FIT in New York.
Melisa Delibegovic completed her masters degree from the Exhibition and Experience Design department at Fashion Institute of Technology in 2016. This enabled her to be a storyteller to whom “all the world’s a stage” on which she can create multi-sensory experiences for different types of visitors. It is also where Melisa Delibegovic learned to explore and innovate, as well as design concepts, exhibitions and experiences while keeping in mind the fabrication, the needs of the various audience types, and a client. Her exhibitions are executed with the three-dimensional models, interactive, audiovisual, graphic and lighting elements. Melisa continues to be inspired by space and how it can be used to create magic for the viewers.
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Branded Environments, Exhibition, Wayfinding

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Brand, Exhibition, Graphic


Education, Museums