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April 2005

Max Heim, Principal at Studio L’Image
Studio L’Image is a graphic design studio specializing in Visual Communication and User Information Design. Studio L’Image’s primary disciplines include Architectural Signage and Graphics, Image & Identity Development, and Interpretive Design. Studio L’Image was incorporated 32 years ago in 1983 in California. Today the firm maintains offices in San Francisco, CA, and New York, NY. The primary objective of Studio L’Image’s design work is to solve information problems and create effective and compelling visual communication programs.
Max Heim and Studio L’Image have developed wayfinding and signage programs for transit facilities, hospitals, cities, urban sites, and trails and greenways; logos and identity campaigns for corporate and institutional organizations; interpretive graphics for nature and historical venues; and visitor maps and orientation guides for transit facilities and cities. Their design projects address the need to link users to transit centers, bicycling and walking trails, nature and greenways and provide navigation information for guiding people through and around cities, campuses, or complex facilities and sites.
Max is a regular contributor to segdtalk, SEGD’s list serve, where he happily shares his wealth of knowledge with the community.
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Practice Area

Exhibition, Public Installation, Wayfinding

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Graphic, Interpretive, Signage, Sustainability


Cultural, Recreation, Transportation, Urban + Civic