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September 2020

Mark Smith is the Vice President of Business Development with the PWG (Photo Works Group) a boutique EGD implementor and creative solutions provider of way-finding solutions, large format, printed dye-sub fabrics, and fabrication solutions. Living in Ashland, Virginia in a 1907 antique home, exploring MidAtlantic, Washington D.C., and eastern seaboard markets Mark collaborates with a network of architectural, corporate, higher learning, and museum clients. Joining the PWG after a twenty-five-plus-year career in the visual arts, sales of brand-related marketing, as well as large format printing, offering client-centric solutions for many Fortune 500 companies in the Washington, DC area.

PWG is an EGD Implementation company providing a holistic and turnkey approach to experiential projects, formal way signage, large format graphics, exhibits, displays, signs, and fabrication. Mark gets great pleasure out of working with a talented team of artisans that create and craft experiences in spaces. We provide great execution of design visions and engagements. We are Mid-Atlantic primary providers of printed dye-sub-fabric products and Environmental Graphic Design backlit frame products, Clara-frame. PWG provides custom solution-driven fabrications to solve client challenges.

During his extensive experiences, Mark had a lengthy career in printing, commercial, fine art, and supreme court briefs. Mark worked with some of the largest Law firms while running a litigation support company for several years.

Mark studied photography with Lloyd Wolf, Paula Endo, industrial lighting with Bill Hayward, Bill Weems, Niel Selkirk has a great appreciation for design, typography, art, and fellow creatives. Mark has collaborated on brand shifts for Bloomberg and internal cultural shift, for Booz Allen Hamilton.

A thought leader and learner Mark brings value to his client relationships, representing the physical interaction of brands & creating human experiences. He hopes to become a “trusted advisor” quoting Arthur Gensler.

Volunteer Activities
Mark is a current member and past President of the Ashland Rotary Club. Through his passion and leadership has partnered with two Hanover county clubs to write a $20,000 grant to distribute meals to nurses, doctors, and first responders during the time of need in the COVID pandemic.

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