Mark Askew



Member Since

September 2002

Mark Askew has spent the majority of the last 28 years designing, managing and implementing large scale signage projects for a wide variety of clients and building types. Mark provides a wide range of services that include brand identification, programming and planning of wayfinding strategies, management, design, production of construction documents and contract administration. He is a specialist in the development of wayfinding, communication and branding programs.
In addition to his technical background in the signage industry, Mark Askew also manages and participates in the delivery of project services for related markets such as communications management, retail displays, corporate exhibits and promotional sales environments. He has an in depth knowledge of signage code requirements for both domestic and international projects. He has worked on projects in many different countries for the government, corporations, aviation, healthcare and commercial clients. He is proficient in many different computer applications such as the Adobe Creative Suite, Microsoft Office, Revit, AutoCAD and a variety of other business applications.
Mark Askew is a Senior Environmental Graphic Designer/Project Manager at Gresham, Smith and Partners, and is a specialist at developing wayfinding systems that communicate vital information people need to navigate through the built environment by utilizing a diverse range of elements. Signage, interpretive graphics, exhibits, digital displays and public art are all carefully choreographed into landscape and building spaces to achieve the desired impact.
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