Leon Guanzon

Leon Guanzon

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February 2024

I’m an autodidact with imposter syndrome who is fascinated with cultural venn diagrams.

Ask me about

1983-1999 Hip Hop

My super power is

I have photographic memory, but it is analog, so it takes some time to see the results and the biggest barrier is forgetting to drop off the film at the fotomat.

I'm looking for

I have climbed highest mountains, I have run through the fields…

What I love about experience design

A griddled bun tells volumes about a chef/cook/restaurant/dad on the grill. I love it when people commit to something even when it costs more money or is a PITA.

Best piece of advice I've ever heard

stay medium

Where I find Inspiration

Bruce Spike Lee Friedlander

Practice Area

Placemaking, Strategy/Research/Planning, Wayfinding

Focus Area

Destination Experiences, Graphic, Signage


Cultural, Urban + Civic