Lemke Meijer

Lemke Meijer

Using interaction design to find creative ways to make complicated matters comprehensible to all.



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February 2024

I create interactive experiences for museums and exhibitions, and to be able to design things that are experienced by thousands of people is such an honor. In my work I present the audience with a fresh angle or seduce them into unexpected encounters. While playing with senses and creating a context for a specific emotional experience I try to immerse the audience in the story I tell. I combine my acquired skills to find creative ways to explain complicated matters in a comprehensible way.
I’ve been leading concept design for AR/VR/XR experiences and conceptual narratives for whole experiences.

Ask me about

Empathy in the design practice.

My super power is

Turning complex stories into beautiful installations

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What I love about experience design

I love Iceland. Its beautiful, work-life balance is perfect and there are volcanoes and whales!

Best piece of advice I've ever heard

Take a walk, go outside.

Where I find Inspiration

everyday life

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Digital Experiences, Exhibition, Public Installation

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Augmented (AR/VR), Brand, Digital, Exhibition, Interactive, Interpretive


Corporate, Cultural, Education, Entertainment, Museums, Visitor Centers