Lauren Stern

Lauren Stern

Experiential Graphic Design Consultant & Visual Storyteller | Author of "Signs Have Much to Say"



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September 2010

Lauren Stern is an Experiential Graphic Designer based in Charlotte, NC with over 10 years of experience specializing in the development and creation of immersive environments from abstract ideas to engaging visuals. Lauren has a strong design background with a Master of Arts in Exhibition Design from the Corcoran College of Art + Design and a Bachelor of Science in Interior Design from Appalachian State University and proven experience creating eye-catching graphics that exude a “wow” factor. Her experience is extensive designing wayfinding elements, from conception through implementation, for built environments that range from small storefronts to million-square ft. facilities.

Previous notable clients during her time in the corporate environment: Bank of America, Lowe’s, United Way, Chick fil-A, World Bank, Washington Post, collaboration with Anthropologie and Hello Hydrangea, Bozzuto, JBG Companies, Veterans Administration, Global Partnership for Education, and Eagle Hill.


Every new business has it’s story. Studio 618 was founded on June 18th, 2021 on a transformative day in Lauren Stern’s career. After 10 years of working in the EGD industry, Lauren sought out a new career trajectory by going out on her own and becoming the Owner and Principal Consultant of Studio 618 which is a boutique, woman-owned Experiential Graphic Design consultancy based in Charlotte, NC. Lauren’s background in digital illustration, fiber art, and watercolor give this consultancy an edge above the rest by incorporating an artful quality in everything we do.

Studio 618 takes on various projects ranging in size and scope with clients all across the country. Clients include: Design firms, commercial and residential developers, signage fabrication companies, small businesses, marketing agencies, and neighborhood communities. Services include: Experiential Graphics, branding, custom interior/exterior signage, wayfinding (analysis and design), artful focal walls, and digital illustration.

Finally, as a creative outlet, Lauren likes to paint with watercolor, create fiber art, and create digital illustrations and animations. She loves the process of creating each piece; from the first initial sketch to the final product hanging for everyone to see and enjoy. Her work has been featured in several art festivals and over a dozen gallery exhibitions and has created numerous commissions for people all over the country.


Lauren has self-published a children’s book called “Signs Have Much to Say”. It is a children’s book about the importance of signage and wayfinding. 21 members of the design community within the United States and Canada helped supplement some of the costs of producing this book and are featured in the book in different ways. This special book is filled with adorable, full-color illustrations to keep your child engaged and has a rhyming storyline. In “Signs Have Much to Say” the characters, Lauren and Dewey, in the beginning, don’t know anything about signage and wayfinding and learn how important it is in everyday life. While navigating the world around them at the zoo, hospital, school, and more, they learn to appreciate the importance of signage and wayfinding and learn that signs have much to say and can be quite helpful. The age range for this book is 3 and up. For more information, please visit

Lauren is also a co-chair in the Charlotte SEGD chapter.

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Ask me about Design Chew, which is a multidisciplinary world-wide group of small business owners in the field of Experiential Graphic Design that meets twice a month on Zoom and discusses various topics such as proposal writing, budgeting for your business, etc. and is a support system for each other to get advice and talk through issues that we are deal with in our businesses.

My super power is

I enjoy volunteering with Appalachian State University as a mentor, guest lecturer, and critic bringing awareness of Experiential Graphics to the students in the Interior Design program.

What I love about experience design

I loved creating my children’s book “Signs Have Much to Say”, which is a children’s book about the importance of signage and wayfinding. It was such a joy to bring this book to life and inspire future sign designers everywhere!

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Branded Environments, Placemaking, Public Installation, Strategy/Research/Planning, Wayfinding

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Brand, Graphic, Signage


Charleston, Southeast


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