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November 2007

As an art director and graphic designer, Kristin has always worked collaboratively with talented curators, artists, writers, architects, designers, and technicians on a vast range of projects. She is adept at disseminating the core messages and translating them into a myriad of graphic applications that support the user experience. She has shaped the visitor experience and participated in the major re-opening of several New York City cultural institutions. Kristin has also applied her sophisticated understanding of how design can convey knowledge, understanding and promote sensitivity in creating family learning environments in more than 30 Head Start Centers in family shelters in the city.
Design Educator
Graphic design within built environments has become the focus of Kristin’s second passion — teaching. For more than 15 years, she has developed and taught classes that address the intersection of 3D environments and 2D graphics, teaching students in both disciplines thoughtful design and technical skills. Kristin nurtures creative ideas with those around her. She always digs deep into the subject matter to create work that is as effective as it is beautiful. Pratt Institute, M.S., Communication Design [+ additional Graduate Design Management courses]
University of New Hampshire, B.A., Studio Art [Painting]
Conference Participation
Mid-Atlantic Association of Museums (MAAM): Engaging the Family Audience in Museum Exhibitions
New York City Museum Educators Round-table (NYCMER): Listening to Our Family Audiences Through Evaluation and Experimentation with the Whitney Museum of American Art and Museum of Modern Art Design Leadership
Founding Mentor Program Coordinator in partnership with Board of Education/ the High School of Art & Design/AIGA: Selected professionals to mentor students and produced events
Founding Co-chair, AIGA Students and Young Designers (SIG): Conceived, produced, and chaired monthly events for an audience of young designers
Mentored high school through NYC Department of Education
Mentored college students through internships at the Children’s Museum of Manhattan
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