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Keith Davis



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October 2014

My mission is to understand the needs and wants of creative professionals and to partner with them in developing their visions into tangible products. It is my task to establish and clearly define design intent through the creation of comprehensive design documentation drawings and preserve its integrity through implementation.
My job is to be the “go-to” resource for taking your creative concepts through completion on the most complicated projects.
Environmental Graphic Design requires a true multi-disciplinary skill set to ensure full integration of a design within its physical space. With over 15 years experience in nearly every aspect of the design and manufacturing process, I have consistently proven to be the go-to resource capable of delivering the highest quality installations in some of the most complex environments.
I am a graduate of Pennsylvania School of Art and Design with a degree in Illustration. I specialize in developing comprehensive design drawings and high-level detailing that clearly translate design concept and vision to those that make it a reality. I am passionate about defining and preserving the design intent throughout the process in order to deliver the highest level of end-product that achieves that creative vision.
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