Julie Beeler

Julie Beeler

2022 SEGD Fellow



Member Since

July 2023

Julie Beeler is passionate about educating, inspiring, and informing diverse audiences through storytelling innovation. She has pioneered new forms of interactive media, designing unique, innovative, interactive experiences that pique curiosity, spur discovery, and inspire audiences.

Julie Beeler believes that story-driven design changes minds by bringing the voices of the people into the fabric of communities—ultimately informing future generations. For over 18 years, Julie Beeler’s design leadership fueled the success of the studio by cultivating visionary teams dedicated to problem-solving for issues that face our environment, culture, and citizens. Recognized as a leader in digital media design, she is a regular speaker at various conferences and schools across the country, participates as a judge in many prestigious industry-wide competitions, and served on the National Board of the AIGA. Today she is an advisor to Second Story to help amplify the art of interactive storytelling and foster new generations of designers to design a better world.

Julie is the founder of Second Story who creates informative and entertaining interactive experiences in the form of media-rich storytelling presentations, online collections, interpretive installations, and database-driven applications. Since its founding in 1994, the Second Story team of creative artists, producers, writers, animators, and programmers has developed over 200 award-winning interactive projects. The studio takes pride in providing clear and intuitive access to archives, artifacts, and information as well as staging compelling narratives using digital media, both online and in situated kiosks and presentations.