Jonah Humphrey

Jonah Humphrey

I use interaction, storytelling, media and technology to create meaningful and immersive experiences.



Member Since

October 2023

I work in experiential design, interactive environments and media production creating content for communication, interpretation, place branding and marketing. This experience has involved direction on video and motion design, custom web content, AR/VR productions, and interactive exhibits. My work has contributed to marketing and communications of enterprise products, architecture & engineering, communities and urban developments with an emphasis on creating a strong sense of place, immersive experiences and visual storytelling.

Ask me about

Integrating digital and physical experiences, creating immersion and interactivity, making content about places. Communicating to stakeholders about urban development, design and community building.

My super power is

I am well versed in concept communication as I have extensive experience in design visualization and multi-media production. The creative tools and techniques to create this work I continue to explore for developing compelling ideas for experiences themselves.

I'm looking for

Making new industry connections, learning about the broad range of projects by members, and getting inspired.

What I love about experience design

I love that the field is evolving, to include new technology and consequently new ways of thinking about experience. It is a type of design that can help in many industries by being informative while creating new connections between people and place.

Best piece of advice I've ever heard

It’s important to build relationships with potential partners and clients. As a multi-disciplinary practice, it’s important to gain new knowledge while also appreciating the many viewpoints and specializations of the team you work with to have the best results.This is a major part of why I wish to join SEGD.

Where I find Inspiration

I like to look across disciplines seeing amazing examples of experiential design in other areas of product event-based marketing, science and medicine, and entertainment environments.

Practice Area

Branded Environments, Digital Experiences, Exhibition, Public Installation

Focus Area

Augmented (AR/VR), Digital, Exhibition, Graphic, Interactive, Interpretive


Education, Urban + Civic, Visitor Centers