John Barry


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January 2020

With over twenty years experience creating brand identity & integrated graphic systems for the built environment, John Barry is not a new dog to the design field. John’s clientele has ranged from small to large corporations, sports facilities, universities and municipalities across the United States. John was actively involved in the profession as the nomenclature for the field evolved from “signage” to “wayfinding” to “experiential design,” and has broadened his scope as our known environment has grown to include both the built and virtual worlds.
Several years ago John Barry took leave of the design field to explore two new areas of wayfinding: the intellectual and the spiritual. Studying at two Boston area institutions, John received Masters degrees in both art education and Christian theology. John Barry became an art teacher, an ordained minister, and explored the fine art media of oil painting, ceramic sculpture and stained glass. These experiences have led him to better understand the importance of the human element in our experiences: our creativity, our moods, our education – all contribute to how we see and interpret design in our world today. Some may see education and spirituality as a whole different animal from design. John sees them as necessary elements to unleash the greatest potential of your pet project.
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