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April 2016

Jessica Wolfe is the Marketing Director at ASI Signage in Dallas, Texas. With a background in program management, Jessica Wolfe performed a key role in program oversight for ASI’s international signage projects – most notably, she served as ASI’s Program Manager for Embassy programs. From initial design submission to final quality control, Jessica Wolfe reviewed and submitted all product and design deliverables.

Jessica Wolfe now specializes in Marketing through a deep understanding of the industry, clients and end-users. Jessica writes articles for ASI, where she continues to learn about innovative design and technology trends in the signage industry. Like many things in life, signage becomes more complicated the more you understand it. Jessica Wolfe enjoys the challenge of unlocking new levels of signage and design insights on her professional journey.

Jessica’s favorite part of the industry is the dichotomy of how camouflaged yet omnipresent signage is within the spaces we visit. This presence of signage across all sectors of life enables signage professionals to learn about a multitude of companies and industries through partnering on projects. There is always something new and unique to glean from the specifics of a project.

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Branded Environments, Strategy/Research/Planning, Wayfinding

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Digital, Graphic, Signage


Corporate, Cultural, Education, Healthcare, Recreation, Transportation, Workplace