Jessica Wolf

Jessica Wolf

Jessica Wolf is a designer based in New York City who crafts experiences for the spatial environment.



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December 2014

Jessica Wolf is a designer based in New York City who for over 10 years has been crafting experiences for the spatial environment.
Recently contracted by Johnson & Johnson to assess, compile, vet and document a new signage and wayfinding standard for global implementation for J&J’s 1,300 plus real estate holdings. This included the need to consider usage in 600 brand locations, multiple languages, local production capabilities, various code requirements, imperial and metric sizing, and to question if this is the correct aesthetic to move forward with to support the existing Corporate Brand Standards. The contract was extended to define the environmental branded experience strategy for all their internal employee health service areas including cafeterias, gyms, health centers, and wellness spaces.
Prior to joining J&J Design, Jessica Wolf worked with ESI Design as a member on multidisciplinary teams working towards creating engagement in the built environment for the commercial and cultural sector. Before that she cut her teeth in the field of EGD with Russell Design creating streetscapes, parks, and experiences for the civic, commercial, and cultural sector.
With an interest in communicating, problem solving, and creating experiences that promote engagement, Jessica has grown with the new digital technologies and fabrication which further strengthens her interest in Experience Design. Jessica loves teaming with diverse groups who bring all different perspectives to create well rounded, integrated, seemless experiences that have the effect of making people smile in surprise to going unnoticed as people find their way in today’s world.
Jessica Wolf holds a BFA in Communication Design with a minor in Art History from Pratt Institute.
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Practice Area

Digital Experiences, Placemaking, Public Installation, Strategy/Research/Planning, Wayfinding

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Graphic, Interactive, Interpretive, Signage, Smart Cities, Sustainability


Corporate, Cultural, Education, Entertainment, Healthcare, Museums, Recreation, Sports, Transportation, Urban + Civic, Visitor Centers, Workplace