Jennifer Kruse



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January 2011

Jennifer Kruse is a Vice President at Archetype Signmakers in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
Jennifer Kruse brings more than 20 years of experience to her position as vice president. She is responsible for critical business operations within the company and places top priority on working proactively with clients to ensure smooth collaborations and productive results. With clients ranging from Caribou Coffee to HealthPartners, she takes special pride in establishing deep and long-term relationships with clients, helping them realize their design goals and become heroes to their own clients.
Jennifer Kruse has worked for Archetype Signmakers for 15 years. Before joining Archetype she worked as a n Account Executive at VEE Corporation, Signenergy Sign Group and BIG INK (formerly Signtific)
Jennifer Kruse earned her Bachelor of Science in Applied Design and Visual Communication from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities.
Archetype is a custom sign-fabrication partner committed to turning our clients’ visions into reality. Archetype embraces a philosophy founded on an understanding of design and the knowledge that successful projects are begun and fulfilled in partnership. This approach grounds Archetype’s commitment to creating solutions that fulfill their clients’ visions. We approach our work with a complete understanding of the design process, and will partner with you to make your job easier and your project come alive.
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