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May 2024

What is your why?

As a child, I was the new kid in school every 1.5 years until I reached the 8th grade. Now, as a father of two children, I’m clear that my why is to provide my family with the stability that I did not have growing up. This became the foundation for why I purchased TGS Elevate in 2015 – to have control of my own destiny – and why I continue to seek out and grow businesses.

First why, then with whom?

I quickly learned that who I kept company with became the driving factor in the experience I had. The same is true in business – it’s the people that drive innovation, results, and happiness in the workplace. We are thoughtful and intentional on who we choose to hire internally, our suppliers, and clients, in service of creating meaningful relationships every day with those that share our passion in supporting each other’s why.

Why does it matter?

In many cases, you don’t know if something will work until you try. At TGS Elevate, each project we produce is completely custom. White glove service is our superpower, however the printing presses, saw blades, and hydraulic tube benders don’t always agree. Our team is relentless in persevering until the job is done, which means the only way we fail is if we continuously decide to quit.

And that’s my approach to business and life – being clear about my objectives, intentional in how I spend my time and energy, investing in meaningful relationships, and empowering those to go further and farther than I ever could. That’s what you can expect working with me, and those around me.

Ask me about

How to plan, produce, and execute the best in-person experiences to make the most bang for your buck and increase product sell through.

My super power is

How my brain works. I can see the forest (big picture) and the trees (technical info) at the same time and connect with individuals by layering in my self-awareness and emotional intelligence. I can do anything and love to bring others on the same journey along for the ride.

I'm looking for

Designers that want to work with a thought partner to bring their design creations to life by finding the sweet spot for each individual project.

What I love about experience design

I love golf. It represents both internal and external battles, takes places in beautiful places, happens individually or socially, and the outcome is always true. It’s a tireless and endless pursuit where you and only you can affect change, different outcomes, and learn more about yourself in the process.

Best piece of advice I've ever heard

Align your intentions with your actions.

Where I find Inspiration

Outdoors, in small converations, asking questions and being open.

Practice Area

Branded Environments, Exhibition, Public Installation, Strategy/Research/Planning, Wayfinding

Focus Area

Brand, Exhibition, Graphic, Signage


Corporate, Retail