Jason Helton

Jason Helton

LED Display Aficionado



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April 2024

I’ve been in the LED display industry for over 25 years and have overseen some of the largest display projects across the country. We love being involved in the early phases of design to help set a technical direction on a project.

Ask me about

We love custom and unique LED display concepts.

My super power is

Determining the pixel pitch of an LED display (pretty boring super power I know)

I'm looking for

Great partnerships

What I love about experience design

I love design and custom graphics and animations. The AT&T Headquarters in Dallas is one of my favorite projects because of how creative and invested the staff is for the content on that project.

Best piece of advice I've ever heard

Don’t fret the piddly things. Focus on what is important and be inspired by the world around you.

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Digital Experiences

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Corporate, Cultural, Education, Entertainment, Healthcare, Museums, Recreation, Retail, Sports, Transportation, Urban + Civic, Visitor Centers, Workplace