Jangwon Ahn



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April 2011

Jangwon Ahn is a chair of the SEGD Seoul Chapter.
Jangwon Ahn is the founder and CEO of YiEUM Partners, Inc., a nationally recognized top environmental design and wayfinding firm in Korea. Since its founding, YiEUM Partners, Inc. has been commissioned to work on various major projects throughout the country. Some of the more notable projects include; Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), SaRang Church, Tesco Asia Academy, 2014 Incheon Asia Games (4 stadiums), Samsung Global Headquarters-Seocho Town, Leeum Museum of Art, Souq Waqif (Doha, Qatar), 2002 Fifa World Cup (Korea-Japan), and Samsung brand’s ‚ÄòLook & Feel’ identity.
Mr. Ahn’s design philosophy is based in creating unique communicative places that transcend all boundaries of space, time, religion, culture and language. He strongly believes in the principle that spaces are created when they are designed for people, not just the client. Having worked on numerous major projects throughout Korea and in several other countries, He has gained much recognition for his work both domestically and internationally.
As the Pioneer of EGD in Korea, Jangwon Ahn is respected for his attention to detail and uncompromising demand for quality. But first and foremost, the user of the space and the use of space is central to the design.

Along with being well recognized as the leader in the professional design field in Korea, Jangwon Ahn also serves various roles in public institutions. As Chairman of the Korea Design Firms Association (KODFA) – Public Design division, he is regularly sought after by organizations around the country for consultation on major public projects. As a Professional Evaluator for the Korea Agency for Technology and Standards (KATS) he plays an active role in the standardization of pictographics and signage requirements in Korea. As the Director of Operations for the Space Design Alliance of Korea (SDAK) he works tirelessly to promote and protect the design industry in Korea. And as an Advisor for the International Telecommunication Union he provides consultation on spatial design and planning for national conferences and exhibitions.
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Seoul, Asia / Pacific