James Hallock

James Hallock

A multi-disciplined creative art director and experiential graphic designer with a passion for storytelling and innovative experiences for the built environment.



Member Since

September 2015

James Hallock is a multi-faceted graphic designer and creative director specializing in bespoke experiential creative solutions in the built environment. His 18 years of hands-on work includes conceptual and interpretive planning, graphic design systems, exhibition design, wayfinding and signage, identity branding, and production and installation oversight for all projects from kickoff to project completion. He has a unique talent for merging both the technical and creative aspects of design in throughout all design phases of research and an inclusive ideation process.

He thrives in multi-disciplinary collaborative environments and is driven to develop engaging design that communicates ideas that are diverse, timeless, and empathetic and promotes engaging storytelling that connects to all audiences and backgrounds.

Ask me about

How can an enhanced application of design thinking and its proficient execution address the prevalent issues that individuals encounter and aspire to improve?

My super power is

Balancing design empathy with a dose of practicality. This industry can be quite intricate and demanding, but it also has a nurturing side when you’re willing to guide and have confidence in your peers.

I'm looking for

New business opportunities and inquiries.

What I love about experience design

I have a deep appreciation for this profession because it profoundly impacts various facets of people’s lives, ranging from the untold narratives that deserve dissemination to the environments we dwell in, thereby significantly augmenting our personal well-being and our broader community.

Best piece of advice I've ever heard

“Helping other people helps me.” – Stefan Sagmeister

Where I find Inspiration

We an discover inspiration through various avenues, including immersing ourselves in art and culture, observing the world around us, staying updated with technology trends, and seeking collaborative experiences. By embracing these diverse sources of creativity, we can infuse fresh perspectives and innovative ideas into our work, ensuring our design remain dynamic and engaging for our audience.

Practice Area

Branded Environments, Digital Experiences, Exhibition, Placemaking, Wayfinding

Focus Area

Brand, Destination Experiences, Exhibition, Graphic, Interactive, Signage


Corporate, Cultural, Education, Entertainment, Museums, Retail, Sports, Urban + Civic, Visitor Centers, Workplace