Herbert Seevinck



Member Since

June 2015

Herbert Seevinck is the passionate owner of the international expansion of Mijksenaar and a dedicated peoples person. He leads Mijksenaar globally, engaging with industry leaders to drive and optimise the firm’s strategy and vision. At Mijksenaar we try to understand why people get lost; it’s the intrinsic drive of our designers. We’re only satisfied when our users find their way through an airport, hospital or transport hub without being aware of it. With this substantial fascination in mind, we have always approached clients, producers, architects and engineers. We are the ambassador for the end user, we connect people with spaces and places.
Herbert’s 25+ years of logistical and managerial experience from previous large companies like Schiphol Airport and APM Terminals (Maersk subsidiary), specifically focuses on the intersection of the digital and physical world. He has extensive experience in wayfinding and signage projects for airports across the globe, rail projects, museums and for various other markets. Notably, Mijksenaar USA’s Wayfinding Standards for Port Authority of New York & New Jersey received a SEGD Global Design Award (Strategy, Research, Planning) in 2021.
Herbert Seevinck is a regular speaker at various conferences and combines his job at Mijksenaar with several additional functions. He is the Chairman of the Board of the Friends of the Hermitage Museum Amsterdam and of the Association of Dutch Designers (BNO).
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