Heather Novak-Peterson


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February 2017

Known for her enthusiasm and love for collaborating with people to visually articulate ideas, Heather’s unique point of view and endless imagination is contagious. She is an artist that designs at a very large scale with a design perspective that makes ideas become viable, well designed products and center pieces that turn locations into landmarks.
Honored by over 14 awards over the last 6 years, including a Global Design Merit Award in Placemaking in 2018 from the SEGD for her work on T3 Minneapolis, her work can be seen in offices, restaurants, residences, hotels and public spaces locally and nationally. Each project is a collaboration of the Owners and the Designers, rolling up their sleeves together to visualize the personality and story needed for that space.
Heather’s approach to her work is richly influenced by her passion for creating her own imagery and her technique applies color and line to everything from murals, furniture, textiles and sculpture to custom wall covering and public art through graphic design, photography, drawing, painting and ink washes.
And yes, her power animal is a jackalope.
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