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October 2018

For 18 years, Gabe Kean has been designing interfaces and leading teams to create innovative experiences for clients that include brands and museums like the Harley-Davidson Museum, The Clyfford Still Museum, Umpqua Bank, The American Battle Monuments Commission, Experience Music Project and The Smithsonian Institution. His design work and the projects he has led have received awards and recognition from Communication Arts, Print, How, I.D., Critique, The One Show, SXSW, AAM MUSE Awards and Museums and the Web.
Gabe Kean founded Seattle-based design company Belle & Wissell, Co. in 2003. Its genesis emerged from the premise that only design that has purpose and function by its audience can be truly successful. Now, with an expanded and experienced staff, the studio collaborates with clients and partners around the globe to create and guide audiences through memorable, participatory experiences. Every project has a unique makeup that demands a specialized approach to assure success, challenging teams of staff and partners to constantly evolve their creative, technical, and collaborative methods. Motivated by a firm belief that form must follow function, Belle & Wissell always designs with a prototyping approach (testing-as-they-go).
Gabe Kean is also the founder and artistic director of award-winning Born Presents (Born Magazine), a non-profit organization dedicated to evolving the creative process through collaboration.
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