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April 2022

Erika Kulbach is an Experiential Design Technology Consultant and Account Manager at Electrosonic in Los Angeles.
For over 10 years, the study and design of high-end entertainment facilities has lead Erika Kulbach to appreciate the anatomy and entertainment value of successful theme parks, resorts, and experience centers.
At Electrosonic, Erika Kulbach facilitates the seamless choreography of space and technology, to organically align story with architecture. Using A/V technology to increase the capacity of a space to tell a story (whether expressing information, atmosphere, entertainment, brand identity, or real-time data) Erika acts as liaison between conceptual designers, builders, developers and the Electrosonic team.
Formerly, Erika Kulbach was a Designer and VP of Business Development at WhiteWater after receiving her Master of Architecture degree from the University of Waterloo. Exploring the experience of place via the built environment of the hospitality industry, her thesis advocated for radically embracing the ‘new luxury’ that guests look for – engaging imagination, and meaningful connection.
Her professional design experience extends from entertainment facility and shopping centres, to resorts, casino-racetracks, various retail design, and a ski resort chalet. These projects have spanned the globe, including locations in the Middle East, Europe, Asia, the Caribbean, and North America. with her most extensive experience at Forrec and WhiteWater West Industries, Erika has had the opportunity to grow and learn from some of the best in the conceptual design industry, being immersed in the design and sale of family entertainment complex, adventure park, and theme park concepts and products worldwide.
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