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David Hoffman

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February 2022

Since I founded CitizenRacecar in 2012, I’ve been really proud of the work we’ve done telling amazing stories for nonprofit organizations, forward-looking companies, and government agencies. These usually take the form of podcasting – in which we’re full-service, creating unique radio-quality series from conception to publication – and documentary film. Particular strengths include work in the sciences, education, and health care – taking complicated and esoteric piles of information and finding ways to communicate them that are clear, accurate, and engaging for a wide audience. I’m excited to join SEGD because I’m very much interested in exploring the possibilities of sound design and audio storytelling in relation to physical spaces.
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Ask me about

We know what this amazing exhibit it going to look like and feel like… what will it sound like? And how can we take this information outside the walls to find a larger audience?

My super power is

Thinking about things and making noises

Practice Area

Branded Environments, Digital Experiences

Focus Area

Augmented (AR/VR), Digital, Interpretive


Corporate, Cultural, Education, Healthcare, Museums