Daphne Peters



Member Since

May 2020

Daphne Peters is a faculty member of Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Design, where she teaches across the curriculum, including in the Environments track. She teaches students how to design for fully physical environments to fully digital environments, and all the areas in between.
Daphne’s professional experience began in Chicago at Gensler, during which time she led projects in the areas of branding, environmental design and signage. She then received a Master in Design and Art Direction from Elisava in Barcelona, Spain. During this Master’s she learned how to utilize design’s ability to be both a visual language and a platform for expressing cultural ideas. Importantly, she worked with groups of people from widely different backgrounds, both cultural and educational, and honed her skills in quiet, steady leadership. After working in Barcelona she then relocated to Amsterdam to work at an international multidisciplinary design consultancy specializing in strategic design solutions. After a decade working for brands, companies, and institutions throughout the US and Europe, Daphne turned her energy to teaching. First at Kent State University and now at CMU, Daphne enjoys broadening students’ understanding of design and introducing them to the fascinating world of experiential design.