Cory Clinton



Member Since

December 2007

Creating unique and engaging branded experiences within space and time, with clear and intuitive wayfinding.
Cory Clinton is a signage and wayfinding specialist and Senior Associate at RSM Design, an award winning international design studio focusing on the seamless integration of graphic design, identity and architecture. Cory Clinton has a passion for groundbreaking design and has applied that passion during his more than 15 years of experience in branding and the built environment. Over that time Cory has led projects and design teams from initial analysis and conceptual designs through design development and fabrication coordination. The projects in Cory’s portfolio range from boutique hotels, to multi-location corporate roll-out and fully masterplanned communities. As a problem-solver with attention to detail, Cory strives to create memorable experiences that are enhanced with the clarity and ease of well considered wayfinding.
Previoius to RSM Design, Cory worked as a Senior Designer at FRCH Design Worldwide, and as a Senior Environmental Graphic Design at Little Diversified Architectural Consulting.
Cory Clinton earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Columbus College of Art & Design in Graphic Communications.
Specialties: brand experience – wayfinding systems – Photoshop rendering – Illustrator CADtools – mural design – music packaging
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