Conor McGill

Conor McGill


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October 2018

Conor McGill has spent his career helping people and businesses better understand, experience, and utilize technology. During his career he has developed a passion for helping people better understand, experience and utilize technology to enrich both their professional and personal lives and develop more meaningful connections with others.

At Apple, Conor McGill developed a deep empathy for technology users of all stripes and created training resources to enable enterprise customers. Soon after, Conor transitioned the audiovisual integration industry at both Spye and Diversified, where he designed and sold audiovisual systems. This was followed by time as Director of Strategic Partnerships for the globally renowned content production studio FLOAT4 in Monreal, QC.

Most recently, Conor McGill has entered the Matrix as Director for the Pixera line of media servers. Pixera is an advanced hardware and software platform for managing multimedia installations of all shapes and sizes.

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Branded Environments, Digital Experiences, Strategy/Research/Planning

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Digital, Exhibition, Interactive


Corporate, Cultural, Entertainment, Museums, Sports