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July 1994

C.K. Anderson, Principal and Creative Director, Helveticka
Thirty-some years ago, C.K. Anderson embarked on a career in graphic design only when it became increasingly evident that the NBA wasn’t going to call. It all worked out, though: instead of a has-been point guard with bad knees, CK Anderson has become one of the Northwest region’s foremost branding experts, leading a small and cohesive team of some of the most talented and creative thinkers in the northwest.
In his role as creative director, C.K. Anderson focuses on the realization of design’s raison d’être – communication. To keep from doing nothing more than draping big ideas in pretty wallpaper, he keeps projects on target with clear strategy, which drives the creative process, which, in turn, drives good design. Helveticka was started in 1993 and is an award winning multi-disciplinary design firm specialized in logo design, print, 3-D, advertising, web and packaging design.
C.K. Anderson’s specialties are brand consulting, including the development of key brand touchpoints such as corporate identity, advertising, print, packaging, multimedia presentations, websites, and environmental graphic design.
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