Christine Heinly


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August 2018

Christine Heinly is the Director of Sales and Business Development at Digital Ambiance. Christine is an accomplished professional with over 10 years experience delivering vibrant immersive experiences. Throughout her career she has demonstrated an innate ability to connect with clients and create unique, unforgettable experiences. With her extensive knowledge in client relations and project management, she has has worked on a diverse range of projects across several industries including Entertainment, Mixed-Use, Healthcare, and Hospitality. She’s passionate about building strong relationships, understanding client needs, and delivering exceptional results. With a commitment to excellence, a dedication to innovation, and a willingness to go above and beyond to ensure her clients expectations are exceeded, she continues to drive growth and success. Christine’s focus at Digital Ambiance is building a network of collaborators who share the same passion and drive for creating bespoke placemaking and interactive lighting installments. Prior to her current role, Christine was an accomplished Account Executive with L&H Companies specializing in Signage, Branding, Graphics, and Specialty Metals.
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