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January 2007

Chad Martin is the man behind Weave, which evolved from a focus in environmental branding with an intimate understanding in shaping spaces into memorable experiences. Approaching each day with a design-thinking philosophy, every project goes through a natural problem-solving progression. Working predominantly with multi-family developers, Weave starts by tethering architectural elements, interior experiences and branding into one environment. Acting as an owner’s representative throughout the life of the development, Chad works closely with architects, interior designers, project managers and management companies to achieve design consistency through frequent collaboration. Dedicated to thoughtful placemaking and living in the details, Chad Martin and Weave have an understanding and awareness of the small moves that can change an average space to a unique one.
As Chad Martin says, “I like the variety of design opportunities I get to work on and also appreciate what comes from working in a design collaboration with the architect, interior designer and developer to create a memorable environment. I never used my design degree in the ad agency space; I didn’t identify with that culture for some reason, instead I always gravitated towards the built environment.”
Chad Martin has worked on a number of cool projects with their own unique challenges, from a high-end Audubon art gallery in Auburn, Alabama (Jule Collins Smith Musuem) to a recent project in Chattanooga where the developer fully renovated a local trolley car into a poolside cabana bar.
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