Cathlin Bradley



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February 2020

Cathlin Bradley has worked in design and production of immersive environments for over 15 years. Cathlin began her career in Environmental Graphic Design as an Exhibits and Graphics Designer at Georgia Aquarium. Since then, she has held a variety of roles in museums and corporations and the firms that help turn space into place. Each of her previous roles – designer, fabrication project manager, content developer, Creative Director, and Exhibits Manager – has taught her something new and deepened her appreciation of environmental design.
With an Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Design and a Master’s Degree in Arts Administration, Cathlin has developed a well-rounded perspective of what it takes to create unique and engaging environmental experiences from the ground up. Her experience on staff with Georgia Aquarium and The Henry Ford Museum has contributed to her understanding of the practical requirements of environmental graphics and the important part graphics play in the visitor experience. Cathlin Bradley’s comprehensive understanding and holistic experience with the design and fabrication process led to her current role in Business Development at Kubik Maltbie, Inc. where she develops partnerships with clients, designers, and other parties to create beautiful environments for museums, corporations, and their visitors.
When she’s not building museum exhibits and branded environments, Cathlin loves to travel, paint, work on her 104 year old house, and enjoy a good meal with friends and family.
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