Carolyn Mueller

Carolyn Mueller

award-winning designer and artist, excels in collaborative creativity and environmental consciousness, blending openness and free spirit with a firmly grounded and productive ethos



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April 2024

Meet Carolyn Mueller, the creative heartbeat and visionary behind our designs. With a BFA from NYC’s prestigious School of Visual Arts, Carolyn is more than a designer; she’s a storyteller at heart. She delves deep into the essence of each project, exploring the ‘what,’ ‘how,’ and crucial ‘why’ to craft narratives that resonate profoundly.
Carolyn’s journey began in the vibrant streets of New York in 2002, but her roots are spread across the globe, raised between Europe and the US, embracing dual citizenship in Germany and the USA. This unique upbringing and her extensive travels have imbued her with a love for diverse cultures, which she weaves into her creative process.
Her work is a testament to an expansive career, characterized by a rare ability to transcend the visual, touching the visceral through exceptional listening and connecting. Mentored by design giants, Carolyn’s portfolio boasts industry accolades and features in illustrious spaces like Grand Central Station, The Art Director’s Club, and MTV’s Times Square windows.
Beyond her professional prowess, Carolyn’s passion for typography, illustration, and photography adds depth to her creative arsenal. Her camera captures the world in unusual angles—fonts, signs, colors, materials, the very essence of construction. These images, alongside candid moments with her three dogs, bird Milo, and daughters Svenyarose and Avalon, paint a vivid picture of her inspirations and the world through her eyes.
With Carolyn at the creative helm, we embark on a storytelling journey that marries humor with professional acumen, ensuring your brand’s narrative not only captivates but endures.

Ask me about

how long do you want the answer to be? Short? Why are we here? – To live life, grow and hopefully leave this a better place. Topics: What inspires you? skiing, yoga, ai, swatches, the beauty and saving grace of connecting with others, gratitude lists, favorite pencils, favorite pen, what book am I reading?, meditation, travel, art, design, typography, anything, really 🙂

My super power is

My superpower lies in being a connector. Through attentive listening and insightful questioning, I transform ideas into visual language, bridging thoughts and images with fluidity. My open-mindedness and supportive nature fuel collaboration, while my honesty and skill in providing feedback ensure that every project evolves from good to exceptional.

I'm looking for

creative minds to collaborate and share project insights. Experts who share their experiences, colleagues to collaborate with.

What I love about experience design

Ah, the arsenal of creation at our fingertips! I revel in the art of making, dipping my brushes (and cursor) into a kaleidoscope of mediums. Sketching? Check. Photography? Click. Collage? Snip-snip. Then, whisking it all into the digital realm, where templates beg to be twisted into barely recognizable forms of their former selves. Books, my dear friends, are not just for reading—they’re treasure troves of inspiration, ready to be dissected, devoured, and repurposed into art. With our brains, talent, and unyielding grit, amplified by a myriad of tools, we’re not just creating; we’re conjuring magic, crafting wonders that echo our ingenuity. The world is our canvas, and oh, how brightly we can paint with everything we have!”

Best piece of advice I've ever heard

Go where it is warm. (as in places you feel good in). Ask questions. Listen. You can start your day over anytime. You are only as good as your tools. 1% talent 99% work. Find the element of fun.

Where I find Inspiration

walks, music, books, museums, art, meditation, writing, getting quiet, through conversation, brainstorming, nature, breath work, aroma, relaxation, roadtrips, conversations, dreams, memories, existing structures, everywhere.

Practice Area

Branded Environments, Exhibition, Placemaking, Public Installation, Wayfinding

Focus Area

Brand, Digital, Equitable Design, Exhibition, Graphic, Interactive, Interpretive, Signage, Sustainability


Corporate, Cultural, Education, Healthcare, Museums, Recreation, Retail, Sports, Urban + Civic, Workplace