Caroline Hinrichs


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March 2022

I’m a connector, facilitator, strategist, marketer, & lover of great design. With experience across professional services & B2B, I’ve always been driven by my love for & knowledge of strategic planning, brand positioning, inclusive & participatory engagement, relationship-building, creative problem-solving, and supporting others on their unique, creative journeys.
Caroline Hinrichs’ passion for experience design comes from her background in theatre and storytelling that manifested professionally in marketing, branding, business development, client relations, and community engagement as well as launching a boutique experiential and event marketing firm. Speaking of working with designers, Caroline supports teams in their professional development as it relates to being strong seller-doers (i.e. architects/designers who do business development,) and getting involved in their communities in authentic, impactful ways. A passion and strength of hers is goal-coaching and developing others. Connect with Caroline on LinkedIn.