Abby Kandrach

I adapt well to new challenges, and have a great eye for detail and color theory.



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March 2024

Hello, I’m Abby Kandrach, and I am a Graphic Designer based in Nashville, TN. I have 6 years of design experience using the Adobe Creative Suite for design of Marketing collateral, logos, Proposals, and Production Ready Art. My work usually takes a streamlined, minimal approach to design. I am always seeking opportunities to learn more about Graphic Design, and continue to build my portfolio and skills as a Graphic Designer.

Ask me about

Ask me about the process I go through to get to my final designs.

My super power is

My super power is Creativity. I find it very easy to come up with a design idea, and execute it well.

I'm looking for

I’m looking for community among other Graphic Designers. To hear about the experiences of others in my career field.

What I love about experience design

What I love about Graphic Design is that it is so broad. There are so many different ways that Graphic Design is useful in the world, and we need it as a society in order to thrive culturally, economically, socially, and personally. I fell in love with the idea of my drawing skills using paper and pens or paintbrush and canvas, being transformed into a digital platform to be creative. There are endless possibilities for creativity in Graphic Design. From a business logo, to designs for a quilt, to invitations, to road signs. Graphic Design is so ubiquitous. We just have to open our eyes to it all around us.

Best piece of advice I've ever heard

Don’t be discouraged if people do not like your work. That really resonated with me because I am a people pleaser, and of course any artist or designer would like their work to be recognized and praised by others. It’s important to focus on what I enjoy designing because that is part of what makes being a Graphic Designer so rewarding.

Practice Area

Branded Environments, Digital Experiences, Exhibition, Wayfinding

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Digital, Exhibition, Graphic


Corporate, Cultural, Museums, Visitor Centers