ZEBRADOG’s Experiential Design Team Grows

Experiential Design Firm ZEBRADOG recently welcomed three new experience design professionals to its team:
Rachael Mallinson, Associate Developer, (left) joined the ZD Media Lab team to create integrated digital content, as well as coding, and software development. She has a BFA in Filmmaking and is currently pursuing a master’s degree in Software Engineering. Her ability to combine her love of film and technology is a great asset to the team.

Kyle Teal, Technical Project Specialist, (center) is the newest addition to the ZD Media Lab. He is a tireless tinkerer – circuit boards, tractors, three-wheelers, carpentry. His love of research and all things technology, especially learning new trends to stay on the cutting edge of a quickly changing industry, will greatly enhance our interactive media projects.
Andrea Jakubczak, Project Manager, (right has a varied background in interior design and project management from years of experience at new construction, remodeling, and residential design firms, including her own. She has a Bachelor of Business Administration and a B.S. in Interior Design from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her attention to detail and exceptional client service make her a valued addition to ZD’s project management team.

ZEBRADOG elevates brands in built environments through experiential design, digital media, and visual communications for higher education, healthcare, and corporations. We help our clients share their stories, cultures, and unique histories in ways that inspire and emotionally connect to their communities. For nearly 30 years, our team has delivered some of the most collaborative, integrated, and evocative branded environments worldwide. ZEBRADOG is located in a beautifully restored historic Sixth Ward Carnegie Library in Madison, Wisconsin’s Willy Street arts neighborhood. To learn more, visit: http://www.zebradog.com.