ZEBRADOG Welcomes New Designer Annika Keillor

Annika Keillor recently joined the ZEBRADOG team as a Designer. She is a multi-faceted artist who never tires of a new challenge. Her role includes graphic design, illustration, exploring brand identities, and designing digital media layouts, graphics, and standards. Annika’s approach to design thinking and her passion for imaginative problem-solving is a great asset to the ZEBRADOG team.

Experiential Design Firm ZEBRADOG elevates brands in built environments through experiential design, digital media, and visual communications for higher education, healthcare, and corporations. We help our clients share their stories, cultures, and unique histories in ways that inspire and emotionally connect to their communities. For nearly 30 years, our team has delivered some of the most collaborative, integrated, and evocative branded environments worldwide. ZEBRADOG is located in a beautifully restored historic Sixth Ward Carnegie Library in Madison, Wisconsin’s Willy Street arts neighborhood. To learn more, visit: http://www.zebradog.com.