Yorston & Associates Support Harvard Graduate Design Program

Yorston & Associates and their distributor partner, Harbor Sales, supported the Harvard University Graduate School of Design program, Hybrid Formations: Interdisciplinary Design, last fall with a donation of Alumet Supply aluminum sheet metal. Volkan Alkanoglu, Lecturer in Architecture, described the course as a way to examine and implement techniques and strategies for the design of prototype structures out of aluminum sheet metal.

An excerpt from the course description reads:

“How can you design something to be paper-thin and super-light while maintaining its structural integrity and creating big volumes? Similar to the fabrication of an airplane we will apply techniques of the aviation and automobile industry to the fabrication of these prototypes. Manufactured out of extremely lightweight, aluminum panels, the installations will consist of unique and custom CNC cut components. These individual components will be assembled like a large 3-dimensional puzzle, forming an elegant, soft and dynamic volume. The assemblage of these components will form a complex and futuristic design.”

The work was centered on advanced digital 3-D modeling techniques, visualization, transfer of digital data and fabrication methods.

View the final project that was recently on exhibit or view the process on their Instagram page.