WY-TO Revamps Keppel Centre For Art Education

Image provided by WY-TO.

WY-TO had the pleasure of revamping a place for art education aligned through the lens of our Well-being Framework! 

The 1,500sqm Centre for Art Education brings together research and experiential design for all. Centred on empowering child-led exploration, the continuous streak of spaces inspires a sense of wonderment at every turn. Generous use of colors, form and varying tactile materials creates a vibrant sensory experience to learn through play. Nooks and seatings for guardians are designed throughout, allowing them to take the backseat and observe from a child’s perspective while maintaining contact. 

Since its reopening in December, the Keppel Centre for Art Education has received positive feedback from families, schools, and the public. The improved experience, enjoyed by all, has seen longer dwelling time, increased foot flow and repeated visits. 

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