WY-TO Book “Well-Being For All” Available for Pre-Order

Supported by the DesignSingapore Council, as a recipient of the Good Design Research grant, our holistic inquiry into the research and practice across the fields of Urban Planning, Architecture, Urban Health, Sociology and Public Policy has been completed!

PS. As you are reading this, the paperback version of our book is getting printed and bound !!!

Our book has its roots in our reimagination of the conceptual masterplan for the Paya Lebar Air Base. The 12 Well-being Principles are first conceived when we questioned ourselves how a city guided by well-being could potentially look like.

More questions surfaced when we further our research into global well-being indexes and case studies when we compare our unique tropical equatorial context.

Q1: How do we support Planet-People continuities with a more holistic approach?

Q2: Beyond quantitative benchmarks defining our built environment, how can we tap into the benefits of qualitative factors that contribute to an enjoyable, liveable city through structures, policies and programmes?

From there, we derived the overarching question the book aims to answer:

How can the built environment be designed to support a holistic way of life towards the well-being of Planet, People & Prosperity in a Tropical context?


12 Principles: Green, Blue, Sustainability, Heritage, Active, Sensory, Playable, Neighborly, Inclusive, Diverse, Productive, Creative

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