World’s Largest Free-Standing, 3D-Printed Structure Designed by Dimensional Innovations Takes Center Stage at “The Big Game”

Designed and fabricated by Dimensional Innovations, fans and visitors alike will get to experience the Al Davis Memorial Torch, which pays homage to the late franchise owner

As football fans flock from every corner of the nation to watch the biggest spectacle of the season, they will be sure to experience the focal point of Allegiant Stadium: the Al Davis Memorial Torch. Designed and developed by Kansas City-based Dimensional Innovations, the Torch is a 93-foot commemorative structure that honors the late Davis, principal owner and general manager of the Raiders organization for nearly four decades. Standing over 9 stories tall, the never-been-done-before feat is pending designation as the world’s tallest 3D-printed structure and is the centerpiece of Allegiant Stadium, the home of “the Big Game”.

The 9-story tall Al Davis Memorial Torch © Dimensional Innovations 

The Al Davis Memorial Torch is constructed of 226 3D-printed blocks made of carbon fiber, reinforced polycarbonate composite, each weighing approximately 350 lbs. Over 100,000 lbs. of raw materials were used to print the blocks, which were then machined on a five-axis router to a tolerance of approximately the width of a human hair. 

Additionally, 1,148 unique surface panels, made from over 35,000 lbs. of raw aluminum, make up the reflective surface of the torch. Each was robotically painted and boasts a custom finish for seamless reflectivity while showing contrast between the Raiders logo and the base finish.

The lower portion of the torch is clear coated to display a 21st century woodgrain – the layered texture resulting from the printed polycarbonate carbon fiber composite. Eighteen employees dedicated nearly 50,000 hours to develop, create and install the structure. It has been the stadium’s showpiece since its unveiling in 2020, when Davis’ wife Carol was first to light it in his honor.

“Our firm had never met a project of this scale or complexity,” said Justin Wood, Sports Practice Director, Dimensional Innovations. “In fact, nobody had. Our team worked relentlessly to develop, print, fabricate, test and install the memorial torch to ensure it conveys the symbolic flame that burns brightest in the Raiders organization. We couldn’t be more excited for fans to experience this marvel from up close and afar during “the Big Game”.”

In addition to working alongside Mark Davis and the Las Vegas Raiders organization, Dimensional Innovations collaborated with MANICA Architecture, original conceptual designer of the torch and stadium; Mortenson-McCarthy, general contractor; HNTB, architect of record for Allegiant Stadium; Ultratech Aerospace; A. Zahner; Bob D. Campbell Engineering; Astound Group; and Purdue University in its design and creation.