What’s Next is Now. Teleos is here!

Announcing Teleos—a dedicated experiential graphic design firm based in Austin, Texas. Led by Tim and Kamela Janke, Teleos leverages two decades of experience to focus exclusively on creating compelling, immersive brand experiences in built environments. Our sweet spot has always been solving experiential graphic design challenges. As more brands have recognized the importance of engaging their customers and fans through experiences in physical spaces, we see many promising opportunities.

Teleos offers a comprehensive range of experiential design services. From placemaking with a branded environment approach to integration with other experiential technologies, Teleos solutions are hallmarked by high-quality design and reflect a client’s brand down to the smallest detail.

Starting today, you can reach Tim at tjanke@teleosxg.com and Kamela at kjanke@teleosxg.com. The previous Janke email addresses will forward to the new Teleos addresses through February 1, 2022. Learn more about Teleos at teleosexperientialgraphics.com. Or visit us at LinkedIn and on Facebook