Vail Health and Eyedog.US implement cutting-edge digital indoor navigation solution

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Navigating Vail Health Hospital since the completion of its five-year facility upgrades is now easier for patients, visitors, and staff thanks to a new digital wayfinding solution. Vail Health and Eyedog.US partnered in October 2021 to implement Eyedog’s digital wayfinding solution, providing indoor navigation at Vail Health Hospital. Eyedog’s photo landmark navigation technology naturally extends Vail Health’s incredible concierge service, adding digital and mobile elements to their comprehensive wayfinding solution, designed to serve every community member. 

Eyedog was successfully implemented in mid-November and is now available throughout the 520,000sq ft hospital.

Vail Health’s decision to work with Eyedog.US follows their East Wing renovation, including a new main hospital entrance, Emergency Department, rooftop helipad, imaging and radiology department, pharmacy, gift shop, Starbucks and scenic outdoor patio.

“People from all over the world visit Vail, and navigating a new hospital can be overwhelming. Offering locals and visitors easy-to-use digital wayfinding improves their experience,” said Michael Holton, Chief Marketing and Experience Officer for Vail Health. 

“We live in a world where the digital, physical, and biological environments have merged into an intertwined whole,” said Joe Brown, Intraprise’s CIO. “We view digital wayfinding not as the digitization of signage but rather the digital transformation of indoor pedestrian navigation support.” 

Throughout the hospital, visitors, patients and staff can scan QR codes with their phone’s camera to access the Eyedog technology and orient themselves. 

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About Eyedog
Eyedog offers the world’s leading indoor and campus-based pedestrian wayfinding solution. Using photo landmark navigation technologies, we offer a human-centered wayfinding approach that reduces stress and anxiety associated with navigating a complex campus. Learn more at, @EyedogUS.

About Vail Health
With a focus on providing access to higher quality, more affordable care, Vail Health is a nonprofit community health system offering one of the world’s most advanced mountain hospitals. Vail Health is committed to meeting the growing and ever-changing needs of the diverse region, encouraging wellness and prevention through effective population health management. Vail Health is locally operated and governed by a volunteer board of directors. For more information, visit