SuperGraphics completes a whale of a building wrap at Pier 91

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The Glacier Fish Headquarters of Seattle, Washington was formerly a gray metal warehouse that shadowed over Pier 91. Now, the building is decorated with vibrant nautical graphics that not only promote local artwork but the Wild Alaska Pollock industry which the building services.  

Commissioned by the Genuine Alaska Pollock producers, SuperGraphics wrapped the 3,750-square-foot north face of the Pier 91 building with a mural illustrated by local artist Kyler Martz. In addition, SuperGraphics produced and installed a 130-foot-long Wild Alaska Pollock fence banner stretching across the Pier, further promoting the wonders of the Wild Alaska Pollock.  As Pier 91 functions as the Smith Cove Cruise Terminal and sits adjacent to the Magnolia Bridge, thousands of people can admire these brilliant graphics every day and learn a little more about what’s happening on the Pier. 

“I knew my work was going to be an overwhelming scale, so I put in as much texture and detail as possible while still making it something that could be seen from across the water,” says mural artist, Kyler Martz. “It’s an amazing honor to see something I drew in my little studio be reproduced like that.” 

The size and siding complexity of this building presented a challenge to the SuperGraphics team when doing the environmental graphic design. The nature of the corrugated metal siding required SuperGraphics to test materials and graphic stretching to make the image perceptively flat from all angles.  SuperGraphics horizontally enlarged the graphic to manage this scale perspective requirement, as well as split the artwork into manageably sized pieces for ease and quality of installation. “This was one of the more complex designs we’ve enlarged,” says SuperGraphics sales executive, Morgen Masciana. “The corrugations in the metal meant the calculation and installation execution had to be just right.” 

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