Studio Loutsis Distributed The Canvas 2.0

Studio Loutsis is pleased to share The Canvas 2.0, Green, was printed and distributed this Fall and is now available online! 

The mission of The Canvas is to look at how various creative industries —architecture, fashion, business development, and technology, to name just a few— converge around a singular concept every issue; with 2.0 focused on sustainability. 

If we use the narrowest definition of sustainability, and think only of its relationship to ecology, we may feel hopeless in the face of seemingly insurmountable challenges. But when we expand the definition, you may be left, as I was, with the opposite feeling: hope. 

The interviewees and contributors in this issue discuss how their work is not just about maintaining the status quo in terms of sustainability; they are also looking to disrupt processes, to question assumptions, and to think creatively about existing and future challenges.

Taylor Loutsis

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