Simon Inc Celebrates Local Colour

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London-based design agency Simon Inc are delighted to see their latest graphic installation completed in Brentford town centre.

Brentford is a traditionally working class area in West London which has been almost completely overtaken over recent years by “luxury living” developments. Resentment runs high amoungst the existing community who feel that they have been pushed aside in a tsunami of planning decisions and construction which will exclude all but a very few local people.

The design is public celebration of the fact that Hounslow Council are building around 100 new genuinely affordable council homes for local people.

Brentford is built on the banks of the River Thames, and at the confluence of the River Brent and the Grand Union Canal, and most local residents regard the waterways as the most important cornerstone of the Brentford identity. So a graphical representation of the waterways formed the cornerstone of the design too.

The bold design and colour palette immediately distances the Council development from the surrounding developments, with their rather polite and subdued vision of future luxury apartment-living. It also visually celebrates the end of 2 years of pandemic restrictions, bringing a smile to the high street and the sense of an optimistic future to the town centre vista.

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