SignAgent Introduces its Education Program for
Students and Educators

Today SignAgent launches its SignAgent for Education Program, providing emerging environmental graphic designers and educators free access to the SignAgent platform. It offers complimentary licenses for students who are currently enrolled in design programs as well as complimentary classroom licenses for those teaching design courses.

SignAgent’s cloud-based sign asset management platform offers a solution for students and educators to effectively design and manage their wayfinding and signage projects. With the SignAgent platform, students will be able to work on every stage of a project from start to finish. This initiative was designed to equip students with practical knowledge and hands-on experience to prepare for their careers in the wayfinding industry.

The SignAgent for Education Program is an opportunity to translate theoretical knowledge into practical application. For program directors and instructors, the incorporation of SignAgent into the curriculum offers a strategic opportunity to enhance classroom learning and foster increased student engagement. To ensure a seamless integration of the SignAgent platform, the SignAgent Customer Success Team will also be available to participate in Zoom classes.

SignAgent is committed to supporting the next generation of environmental graphic designers and recognizes the integral role of education in advancing practical skills in the EGD community. To learn more about the Education Program please visit this page –