Selbert Perkins Design has Rebranded

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If you are like most companies, you carefully crafted your brand a couple of decades ago. It has served you well and you have built a great business around it. Why would it ever need to be changed?

Because the world changes whether we like it or not.

Perhaps you’ve noticed people copying, in part or in whole, your look, style, messaging and logo. There are many imitators, both from within as well as outside of your industry, who have innocently or intentionally fashioned themselves in your image, diluting your once unique brand.

Because the medium has changed.

You may have created your branding in a time where Television, Print, Radio and in-person events were the main channels for marketing your company. And while your branding played well in those arenas, they are less effective in today’s online worlds and on small, mobile devices.

Because your core audience changed.

Branding is Storytelling!

And as such, your current audience is not what it was in the past. There are different things that capture their attention. They have a different set of values and ideals. They have a different vernacular than did your original audience. In short, they think about and communicate different things, in different ways than they did in the past.

Because you changed!

You are not the same fledgling upstart you were when you crafted that original brand. You’ve grown wiser, stronger and more diversified. You and your organization have evolved in terms of talent, experience and expertise. You’ve faced times of growth as well as challenges, which have all shaped you into a powerful asset to your clients. It’s time to tell your current story to your audiences through rebranding.

One thing we often hear is; “I’ve spent a lot of time, money and other resources on our brand. Does that mean we have to throw all of that away?”

It really depends upon your situation and what you want to achieve. Do you need to rebrand or refresh? The main objective is to stay relevant or perish.

“I don’t necessarily call what we did a rebrand as much as it’s a refresh. SPD has a lot of brand equity, and I think there’s a lot of recognition in our core elements of the red square, our typeface and our image. Our goal was to modernize and evolve. And when we say modernize, it really must be for the digital world. We changed our red to a cleaner red. We wanted our type to read crisper, especially on mobile devices. We wanted the scalability to work better, therefore, we changed our type font and at the same time, retained those qualities that are synonymous with the success we assist our clients in achieving.” — Sheri Bates, Principal, Selbert Perkins Design.​

Branding, Rebranding and Refreshing is all about storytelling. Not some imagined fiction, but the true story of who you are and how you can help your customers and clients. It serves both to differentiate you from your competitors as well as anchor your unique value and relevance to today’s core audience.

“We wanted to refresh our brand identity to better reflect who we are as a company—Timeless, Bold, Confident!” — Robin Perkins, Co Founder and Partner, Selbert Perkins Design.

We are delighted to announce that we ourselves have taken a road we so often assist our clients in taking—Branding, Rebranding and Refreshing the current story of SPD through the refreshing of our own brand.

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