SEGD Riga Chapter Event Video: Design & Innovation

SEGD Riga Chapter hosted a discussion on challenges, benefits, and opportunities in a world increasingly dependent on technologies in design. View the video below or on Youtube:

SEGD Riga Chapter Event: Design & Innovation


// Professor John O’Connor (Ireland) is the Strategic Lead (European University) in which he leads TU Dublin’s participation in the European University of Technology Eut+. He has taught the award-winning module ‘Virtual Environment: Is one life enough?’ at TU Dublin since 2009 and regularly speaks about education in the metaverse. Topic: “We must not day-dream our way to the future”

 // Kristaps Banga (Latvia) holds responsibility for Accenture innovations in the Baltics, representing Latvia. He is Accenture Innovation Lead and Riga Liquid Studio Lead. Kristaps has more than 20 years of experience in business, innovations corporate communications, branding, and marketing. Topic: “TECH FOR GOOD” 

//Janno Siimar (Estonia) from the Design strategy group Velvet. For more than 15 years Janno Siimar has been responsible for the visual and functional harmony of various creative projects from web environments, information architecture, and visual identities to service and business model design. Topic: “AI & Me: Faster, Different, But Better?”

Moderator: Dr Art. Aija Freimane, PhD, Lecturer and Design Researcher, Technological University Dublin School of Art and Design, Ireland; SEGD Riga Chapter Co-Chair